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Emma Julia Balint

Online Psychologist & Career Counselor @ GoToThisPsychologist


I'm Emma Julia Balint, a psychologist and career counsellor, holding 3 degrees: two in psychology; and another one in Human Resource Counselling. You are welcome to contact me with any kind of issues you may have - I am here to help.

I work online (Skype), so you can be my client even if you're far/need to travel a lot, etc. You can have a session from the comfort of your own home.

My office hours are flexible.

I can help you with...

Counseling Psychologist, Personality Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Addiction Therapist, Counsellor, Divorce Therapist, Eating Disorder Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Mindfulness Therapist

I help...

Expatriates, International Students, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents, Tourists, Working Nomads

I speak...

English, Hungarian

About Us - How We Work and Prices

Qualification Degrees:

-Bsc Psychology
-MA Psychology
-MA Human Resource Counseling


-Basics and practice of civil project management
-Career guidance training
-Early childhood family-centered counseling and intervention with an interdisciplinary approach (cross-sectoral cooperation) (Family-friendly Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd./CSBO)
-Characteristics of typical development, attention-grabbing signs of different development at an early age, training for intersectoral cooperation (CSBO)
-Suicide Prevention Volunteer Training (Soul Home Public Benefit Foundation)
XXIV. Bolyai Conference at ELTE, public speaker, Budapest.
-Brain control course
-Personality and Community Development Camp (Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd.)
-NLP Course
-Complex series of programs developing individual and community competencies: -Autogenous training, Assertive training (Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd.)
-Coursera courses:
-Drugs and the Brain;
-Understanding Violence (Emory University)